Configuring the Dovado Tiny Cellular RouterΒΆ

  1. Log onto the router as indicated in the Dovado Quick Wizard Guide that came with the router.

  2. The Wizard will pop up. Complete the selections, with the following notes.

    • On the WLAN (Wireless LAN) page, Disable the Wireless LAN.
    • On the Internet Page, if you are using the GCI cellular network, type in web.gci as the Access Point Name; leave the PIN Code blank. If using a different mobile wireless provider, enter their APN.
  3. The Router will restart.

  4. Log back into the router with the new password.

  5. On the Home page screen, the Router firmware will be listed. Make sure the firmware is appropriate for the USB cellular modem you are using. For the combinations of Cellular Modems and Router Firmwares that have worked for us, please see the Part CM1, USB Cell Modem section of Hardware page. If the router firmware is not appropriate, go to the Dovado Firmware Page to download firmware and install according to the instructions there.

  6. After logging back into the router, select Internet from the sidebar and Connection Tracker from the top menu bar. Check the box to Enable the Connection Tracker. The Connection Tracker periodically checks the Internet connection and takes remedial action to restore it, if necessary. Cycling power to the cell modem USB port is used as a last resort. It is very important to enable this feature.

  7. For IP Address 1 type in (a Google DNS server)

  8. For IP Address 2 type in (a Level-3 DNS server)

  9. For the Interval type in 15 minutes

  10. For Failure Handling select Redial and Restart

  11. Click the Save Settings button

  12. Select Modem from the sidebar and Modem Settings from the top bar. Verify that the Access Point Name setting from the wizard is shown. If not, uncheck My service does not require APN and fill in the Access Point Name. Click the Save Settings button.

  13. Select Restart from the sidebar and click the Restart button.

  14. Note that the router will often take 2 to 3 minutes to connect to the Internet (solid light on modem) even though the web interface to the router is available within about one minute.

  15. The Setup process is complete.